About The CUPS

Our Mission
@ TheCUPS is to create Community Unity by combinding art, people, stories and the time to connect. Creating a deeper, more solid foundation for the village… our children, our parents and the future! (this wording is a work in progress)
Our little NFP Overview
Mosaic The City has been CUPS’s lead program since 2003 – creating community unity through mosaic arts, team work and public installations.
Studio Twelve-Nineteen opened 2008 Art shows, installations and experiments – highlights – “Operation 1219” – to accomplish 1219 things towards our BIG DREAM of the
 UniTea- (House & Gardens) coming in stages since 2009 – this will be a place to stop along our Art lined pathway … through the CRD … for a cup of tea, a walk in the gardens or perhaps to
From Intiative to Dream
The new face and name  of the Mosaic The CIty Initiative .. is TheCUPS

…. The Community Unity Project Society – now MTC is our main programme, but now are able to work with new artists, projects and programmes focused on community engagement and art!

 The ideas that started Mosaic The City were as an initiative, and in 2013, this idea turns Ten years old!
We are starting our social networking in Feb 7th 2011 through a Facebook page .. to work towards this shift for our 10th anniversary 2013 ….we will continue to use our FB page, and build our presence here also.