UniTea is a place many years in the dreaming.  Now in 2019 we are shared space, with roomers, dreamers, co-creators and small business.

UniTea is part of a vision that CUPS has been creating and building for more than a decade. In 2007, when the Schlackls bought the Hillside Ave. house it was already with the idea the house becoming ‘something’. This small 1940, (Residential 2 zoned), “Art House” emerged as a result of being shared with the CUPS.

In the beginning the basement and garage space were transformed into an artist studio for Shylene and workshop for use by the CUPS. Additionally the Great Room was built to host the NFP office space – which also serves as a great meeting/presentation/viewing space. During this time the Schlackl family resided on the main and upper floors of the house. Shylene, her husband Jonathan, their daughters Alora and Ireland and their dog Milton make the Victoria Schlackl family.

2009 – 2014 Studio Twelve-Nineteen Opens and “Operation 1219” is launched. Over the course of the next five years many art shows, installations such as The Wish Tree, The Communitea Piano, the Sofa King Cool Cob Bench and the Communitea Book and Sharing boxes. In addition, several community events were hosted at UniTea including talking circles, spa days, silent days, musical evenings and of course Tea Parties.

It was in 2013 things started to pick up. Extra rooms and other spaces in the house started being shared during the day while the Schlackl family was at work and school.  A sound artist and Reiki practitioner, a nutrition student, a mixed media artist, a healing circle facilitator, multiple breath workers, and other artists have contributed to UniTea and the UniTea House dream becoming a reality.

In 2015 the time had come to move the house forwardtowards the ‘something’ that had always been envisioned. The Schlackls took most of their families’ belongings out of the house, retaining the studio, workshop, small UniTea station and private residence in the basement. Consequently, the main and upper floors of the house became available for additional and alternative use as per the overall vision of UniTea.

For the next 2 years the main and upper floors were rented for living space to a group of students in various stages of their educational path.

What a great way to share the UniTea Home!  They all finished their degrees and are headed UP and OUT into the world!! Finishing up their final weeks of University life in the house. Best Wishes to each of them as they navigate this next step of their Journey!! And huge gratitude from the UniTEA Framily for helping co-create space those two years!!

In the Spring of 2017 the house entered the next phase of transition and growth.

New partnerships & Tea Parties

UniTea began seeking individuals who were interested in living in UniTea and began offering individual rooms as an opportunity for those interested to get involved. Each UniTea housemate selected must complete an application process that includes a letter of intent, a rather long questionnaire and a set of interviews to determine if they will be a correct fit for the house and the overall vision.   Each New House Member will be part of building this layer of the vision, the contracts and agreements and development of this place.   This is a license agreement between each roomer and the Schlackls. We don’t fall within the Residential Tenancy Act, as we are sharing this house and its spaces in a unique ways.

Check us out on FB where we have begun to envision this idea…