Victoria Stone Soup 2013

Exploring our potential for an abundant local food systemThe CUPS is excited to support this new project in Victoria. Along with lending some bowls to the event, we are supporting our local team to ‘build positive connections and resources’ for this community forward. The essence of “Stone Soup”:~ When we all give what we can, nobody is left lacking.~ The more we see others give for the common good, the more we are inspired to do the same. ~ The accumulation of the whole is far richer then is parts through diversity and meaningful connections.”

Exploring our potential for an abundant local food system

Check out STONE SOUP on Facebook for more information After the event the Live Art pieces dried and were transfered to Studio Twelve-Nineteen.  They hung in there for weeks after the first Victoria Stone Soup Dinner and proudly held the space of  community dreams and co-creation power of the village!  Before the moved on to their new homes, they were photographed and documented by Eye of the Mind Photography and Louis Bockner When we heard about this .. essence .. we were sold so supporting this group!

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