Weaving it Up Front 2012

Our Nineth show about re-skilling, rethinking, reusing, reducing and weaving :) Spring 2012 Flax planted…  harvested Summer 2012..
The New TapasTree – a weaving of three stories”
Third year of this experimental installation- mixed media fabric, scarves, ribbon, mesh, old tree, paint, moss, mosaic and memories
Honoring the life, work and inspirations three amazing women
Denise Dunn with Transition Victoria and The Linen Project
Angel Evens of the Claire Street Projects – Boulevard Book-Boxes
Valerie John, the Flame Keeper, …Barn Raiser & Blogger

“ ReFlaxing the Hillside”
A small tribute garden, flax from last year’s Linen Project harvest and TLC
Follow the weaving trail of flax planted in remembrance of the work, life and energy of environmentalist, advocate and social gather Denise Dunn ..
Her work in helping start Transition Victoria and the amazing ‘Linen Project”
Look around the upfront yard for tiny growing flax. The Flax will mature by the end of August, when it will be harvested and added to the larger Linen Project flax harvest for this year.
the weaving continues today

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