Mosaic The City 2003-2023

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2003.. the ideas started to flow.. MTC here we go!


Mosaic the City Community Unity Project Society started in the spring of 2003 in Historic Market Square.  It has been a 20 year vision.  Started by artist Shylene Schlackl, in the hopes to be of service in her community, make a living as an artist and to build while she raised her children.  Now we are 15 years into this project and excited to see all we have built around the CRD.  When we began it was as a way to help create a world where people of all ages, from all walks of life, feel connected – in the spirit of “Community Unity” – to their neighbourhood, organization, municipality, region and the planet. Each project bringing people together to learn about each other while sharing in the creation of unique mosaic art piece(s). Each project is community inspired, community designed and community built by the people who live, work, learn or shop in a neighbourhood. Community Unity is about the involvement of citizens and business owners of the “neighbourhood.”





The purpose of Mosaic The City (MTC) was in creating a spirit, an initiative and an organization that brings people together in their neighbourhoods and organizations to:

  • Plan and create mosaic art pieces.
  • Record their community unity journey through written, video, photo and internet journals.
  • Celebrate their community and art building accomplishments

We also foster the creation of unity between neighbourhoods and organizational units through the creation of maps and routes guiding people to other community unity mosaic projects in their region and throughout the world.

For a full look at the work for the past ten years, check out our first site