Gardens For Generations- Dreaming with Eyes Open 2013


2013- A tiny project with the neighbours and our children.

Partnering with EBS (Elizabeth Buckley School) and The Cridge Centre for the Family worked together on a community building project with ECO –the after school programme run by Hands on Sumer Camp Society (the NFP foundation supporting EBS.) This after school programme worked on getting to know their neighbours, namely the senior residences at the Cridge.  Together with our community unity team at The CUPS, they built a handfull of  tiny special mosaic butterflies to adorn the property.


Gardens for Generations – Dreaming with our eyes Open


A Little History:  “Elizabeth Buckley School was founded 25 years ago as the school for the deaf and hard of hearing in Victoria. Nancy Bourey, a teacher and a Speech and Language Pathologist, founded Elizabeth Buckley School in 1986 to provide educational opportunities for the deaf and hard of hearing. The name Elizabeth Buckley was chosen to honour Bourey’s grandmother, an inspirational teacher in New York. As a struggling young widow, Buckley opened a school in her home, and provided a valuable service to many”